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Unleashed Beast with powerfull engine

With 105 horsepower the Villain's 1000cc engine is extremely competitive  among 1000CC displacement level SSV, with excellent low speed performance characteristics thanks to its 93,5N.m of low end torque. Full throttle results in rapid and thrilling acceleration and will awaken your riding spirit.


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Powertrain:  Fuel Engine

Engine/Motor type:  Twin-Cylinder 1000cc, 4-Stroke, DOHC Engine

Horsepower:  105Hp

Torque:  93,5 N.m

Drive System:  On-Demand 2WD/4WD

Front axle:  Automatic Diff-Lock

Rear axle:  Rear Diff-Lock

Engine Braking System:  Yes

Front suspension & Travel:  Gas Shock, Dual A-Arm 40cm

Rear  suspension  & Travel:  Gas Shock, Dual A-Arm 45cm

Wheels:  14inch Beadlock wheels

Tires:  29x10-14 / 29x10-14

Smart Commanding System   (DTU+SDC):  Yes

Dashboard:   TFT 10,4" Screen

Smart-Moving  App:  Yes, App for Android and Iphone

Vehicle  Size LXWXH:  333x163(185)x169cm

Ground Clearance:  36cm

Seat  Height:  60cm

Wheel base:  260cm

Dry Weight:   835Kg

Fuel  capacity:  44Liter

Bed Box  Capacity:  90kg

Payload Capacity:  90+160Kg

Smart  Power Steering   (EPS): Yes, 3modes 

Frame:  Strong molybdenum steel frame

Cooling  sytem:  Dual, Liquid & Oil Exchange

Lights:  LED

Seats: 2


Gasoline engine

Optimal Powertrain Tech Design

The 1000CC engine features an advanced fuel injection and ignition system along with a carefully optimized long duration, high lift camshaft that ensures excellent adaptability to high and low temperatures and provides excellent power even at very high altitudes.

Dual Oil Colum Piston Cooling System

By utilizing a Dual Oil Column Pison Cooling system our 1000cc engine will remain cool under the harshest of riding conditions and ensures long term mechanical durability.

Interior Design

We know our vehicles can pack a punch and we not only expose our engineering but we celebrate it through color and simple yet beautiful interior parts.


Villain "Deluxe"


Villain "Standaard"


Suspension System

Front Suspension&Travel:

Dual A-Arm with Stabilizer Bar

Front Wheel Travel:15.7" (40cm)

Rear Suspension&Travel:

Multi-link Trailing-Arm with Stabilizer Bar

Rear Wheel Travel: 45cm


Height: 180cm

Length: 334cm

Width: 163cm

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