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Villain 1000 SX10E Twin-Cylinder 1000cc benzine - standaard
  • Villain 1000 SX10E Twin-Cylinder 1000cc benzine - standaard

    Villain SX10

    As the flagship of the Segway Powersports type, Villain owns an irresistibly powerful engine and nobleness, which illustrates its excellent designing as modern SxS.


    Unleashed Beast Powerful Engine

    With 105 horsepower the Villain's 1000cc engine is extremely competitive amoung 1000cc displacement level SSVs, with excellent low speed performance charateristics thanks to its 93,5Nm of low end torque. Full throttle results in rapid and thrilling acceleration and will awaken your riding spirit.


    Powerful Configuration Extraordinary Performance

    Villain features exceptional quality and performance. The mix of our powerful and reliable engine, high strength frame, rigid chassis and professional level fully adjustable gas shocks give you the confidence to challenge even the toughest of terrain.


    Exposed Engineering

    We show our muscles with pride, we confidently reveal their intrinsic weaving troughout the body. We are built for all-terrain and whatever punches are thrown our way you won't see us flinch. We see beauty in our engineering and want ik know that we are built to last.


    Extreme Performance Gas Suspension

    The Front Dual-A Arm independent Suspension travel is 400mm and the Rear Suspension Multi-link Torsional Trailing-Arm Suspension travel is 430mm. The ground clearance is 360mm.

    It gives you a smooth ride over the roughest terrain.


    Front and Rear Diff-Lock

    Villain features a Spiral Angle Front/Rear Constant Drive Shaft, while the front axle differential enables the smooth switching between 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive. The Front and Rear axle differential lock can also be switched manually white moving, greatly improving the off-road performance.


    Smart EPS Burst Out Your Passion

    The EPS can be switched on-the-fly to one of three settings. With standard, comfort and sport settings selectable trough our APP. The ride is customizable for different drivers, terrain and road conditions.


    Lightweight HC Steel Frame

    The high-strength Chromium-molybdenum Steel Frame has the advantages of being lightweight and features a high level of rigidity. Our strong, robust and light frame provides a strong sense of security and a precise driving feel.

    • Power & Drivetrain:

      Engine:  1000cc , 4-Stroke Twin-Cylinder, DOHC Engine

      Horsepower: 105Hp

      Engine Nm Torque: 93,5 N.m

      Transmission: CVT

    • Dimension and more:

      Front Differential Lock: Diff lock on demand

      Powertrain mode: 2WD/4WD on demand

      EPS: APP Adjust

      Dimension: 338x163x180cm

      Wheelbase: 259cm

      Ground Clearance: 36cm

      Seat Hight: 60cm

      Fuel Capacity: 44Liter

      Bed Box Capacity: 90Kg

      Bed Box dimension: 42,2x89,7x22cm

      Payload Capacity: 90+170kg

      Tow Capacity: 1320kg

      Dry weight: 835kg

      Curb weight: 860kg

    • Tires & Wheels:

      Front Suspension: Dual A-Arm with stabilizer bar.  40cm travel.

      Rear Suspension: Multi-link Trailing-Arm with stabilizer bar. 45cm travel.

      Shocks: Remote Reservoir Gas Shocks

      Wheels: 14inch Aluminium wheels

      Tires: 29x11x14inch

      Brakes: 4-wheel Discs Brake

    • Features:

      Smart Touch Screen: NO

      Smart Moving APP: Yes

      Winch: 3500lb (1588Kg)

      Lighting: LED

      Seat: 2 Seats

      Door: 1/4

      Color: Black & Green

    19.990,00 €Prijs


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